If you want to take photos in low light conditions, you're going to need one of these...

Here's some that we like...

Joby GorillaPod

You don't know that you need one, until you need one! A GorillaPod flexible tripod is one of those things that you put in the bottom of your bag and forget about... Until you come across a fantastic scene that is just waiting to be photographed (or timelapsed) and you don't have your full size tripod with you. Many photographers have been rescued by their Gorillapods, and grabbed shots that would've been impossible otherwise (myself included). My recommendation: Buy one - carry it with you - you won't regret it.

SIRUI T-025X Carbon Fibre Tripod

We're big fans of the Sirui range of tripods - they're small, sturdy, and light. Particularly this carbon fibre model that is our tripod of choice for foreign photo shoots. Small and light enough to pack in hand luggage but still strong enough to support a mirrorless camera with a decent lens. We've used one of these for night time photos and even timelapse sequences.

Manfrotto Compact Light tripod

The Compact Light is the lightest tripod in Manfrotto range and is the natural connection between a mini and full size tripod. It has been designed to fit all Compact System Cameras and thanks to its compact dimensions and feather-light weight, it is born to be with you always.

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Photography Gear

It's not about the gear...

...but it can help.

You know the old saying.... the best camera is the one you have with you. Well, that's certainly true, and having a better camera or other piece of photographic equipment won't turn you into a better photographer.
But it can make your life easier, and allow you to get shots that wouldn't be available to you otherwise (you try holding a camera steady for a five second exposure without a tripod!).

So, although our primary aim is to teach photographic skills, we do get asked a lot about the equipment we use.
So, in this section we'll list photographic gear that we have personally found to be useful.
It's not an exhaustive list as we've used so much kit over the last twenty years, and we're not sponsored by any specific brands.
You can be sure that if we mention a piece of equipment here, it's because we have experience of the brand and/or used a specific item and found it to be of benefit when creating images. As always, do your research, read reviews, and try to test kit yourself when possible.

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