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We have two photography training courses now available on Amazon Video.
Buy the video, rent it, or stream for free if you have amazon Prime membership.
These are the full courses (without the downloadable PDF's) and are a great bonus if you have amazon Prime.

Configure Your Camera For Fantastic Photos - Beginners Photography Training on amazon Video.

Are you new to photography?
Do you have a new camera?
This is our introductory course for new photographers. It's designed to get you up to speed with your camera very quickly, and will teach you the basics of photography so you can start taking great photos!

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Take Control Of Your Camera - Switch to manual and improve your photography.

Using your camera on Auto?
Does Auto sometimes get things wrong?
This course will show you why things can go wrong using the automatic modes on your camera, and what to do about it. A complete guide to manual exposure control that will help you tackle tricky exposures and get the results you want.

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Photography Courses

Online Photographic Tuition

from Amateur to Professional level training...

Our training caters for complete beginners through to professionals who want to improve and apply for photographic qualifications. Hosted on, one of the worlds largest online educational providers, our photography course lectures are available night and day so you can learn at your own pace - and at a time that's convenient to you.
No need to book an appointment in advance. Simply log on, and start learning

+ Learn at your own pace...
+ Watch each video at a time that's convenient to you
+ then watch it again in the future if you need to refresh your memory.

When you enrol on any course you're locking in 'lifetime' access to all the resources available - including any new lectures and downloadable PDF's that are added!

Community Support
Join a community of like minded photographers who are learning alongside you. Take part in online discussions - ask questions, and get answers direct from your tutor.
Get involved in the Facebook group that accompanies the online training and extend your knowledge.

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