Photography Basics

Useful FREE resources that will help with the basics of photography...

Aperture basics

What is an aperture, and what do the numbers mean?
Here's the basics in a downloadable handy reference PDF file

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Exposure - what affects it?

Which three factors affect exposure?
Here's an explanation in a downloadable handy reference PDF file

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Free Tips And Resources

There's such a lot to learn

...but there's lots of free information available

Not many things in life are free, but photographers tend to help each other as we're all basically nice people!
The aim of this section is to provide useful, free, tips and resources that will help new photographers to understand some of the basic concepts.
There is a lot of information on the web, but unfortunately not all of it is accurate. The information you'll find here is either written by ourselves, or checked by us, before we publish it. So you can be sure that you're learning the right things!

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